Very Difficult to Read the Situation (Yucca (plant) vs. Yuca (Root))

Bit of Food Learning today as I discovered another TUBER issue 
Yucca vs Yuca
This is Yucca Plant, it is an ornamental plant grows in South and Western  USA
It has no Edible Roots or Tubers hanging out underneath it but you can get 
some supplements based off of it.  
This is Yuca Root (or Cassava or Manioc) it is popular in South & Central America (Latin) Cuisine
Africa consumes the most Yucca
Nigeria produces the most Yucca (source)
Yucca makes Tapioca, which you may be more familiar with. 
I have really enjoyed this cheap alternative (supplement?)  to my Sweet Potato Habit
My favorite so far has been bacon slow fried with the yuca (how can white starch + bacon be bad?)
Enjoy your knowledge as you try Yuca Root from you local grocer 
It will likely be called YUCCA or Cassava
Get it home, Slice or peel the ‘bark’ and then treat it like a potato. 
It is key to boil (10-45min is range suggested) prior to frying due to the cyanide content* of the root
 boiling then frying, baking or BBQ are common methods
* I don’t usually pre boil as I don’t consume a ton of Cassava and I slow fry it with water in the pan. 
** Sources seem to indicate Sweet Cassava (less Cyanide) is sold in North America, while the bitter (more cyanide is processed into Tapioca etc. 
*** Likely good to boil to reduce but don’t let it scare you, many foods (including sweet potato) have these cyanogenic glycosides compounds. 

This Blog may be of further assistance in the Yucca Yuca Dilemma 

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