Hitting the road ( green mountain stage race 2012 team Ontario TT)

great start to the 2012 green MTn stage race today with the 10km sort of uphill TT. I was around mid-upper pack in elite with 14:57, just ahead of Massicote . Ontario road pro  Anton  did 14:23 , top Ontario Junior Will Elliot had me scared with a 15:03 . Best elite time at 13:30 but they don’t strava so doesn’t count .

Lots of familiar faces with L’espy from Norco (Watson trash talk all day) and ex-norco MTb turned roadie Zach Hughes. Couple Quebec folks aswell. crosser Tim Johnson was 2nd in TT I think on cross bike and no aero gear.

This is My first road stage race, including my first actual road stage (not a circuit) , first TT on the road and first road bike crit. So I have been relegated to ‘junior’ status and I am enjoying the joking and learning ! Today I even got to carry bottles for the elite guys.