I’m gonna go home, ( MONO ON A BIKE 2012 – Post Race Report )

So back on home turf for Mono On A Bike 2012**  , On all the roads I used to bust tempo on for hours on end … this might actually be my ideal course. 

So I woke up Sunday and drove to Mono from urban Toronto fishing and heated negotiations  fri/sat  with Tayneezy (who is blogging again) .  

The drive went smooth and I was quickly immersed  in conversations with so many great folks, many of whom I have not seen in way too long. G, Uzi, Gammage, LondonFolk so many nicknamed people . A few SMART ATHLETES even made the trek to Mono to see what all my hype on the area was about (they were stoked!) 

The event went well, Scott Holmes and HBCC and Mono Township crews did amazing job and were way to complimentary to myself and Ms.Sin. SO with an intro of being fast I stuck to my plan to attack an imaginary Derek Zandstra, in prep for next week’s Tour De King,  and went with the Firetruck Neutral roll out up the viscous start hill. 

A small detour that only the ‘fast’ people made put us back in the group . This provided opportunity to say hello to a bunch of folks again, pull Ms. Sin on some open gravel roads and avoid too much time out on the road on my own. 

The course was 2 great loops beginning and ending at the Mono Center Community Center. The first loop was tough but not to bad with only a climb up the gravel/twisty 3rd line out of Hockley Valley. 
The Second Loop was much more challenging with several significant climbs including the infamous 5th line and then the finish line push from the granny ring/sandy  ‘Anderson Tract’ of Dufferin Forest all the way up some gravel and old road allowances and finally the false flat into the finish line . The finish effort lasts ~15min  and is pretty  miserable attacking yourself , I can only imagine what a group of folks going for the win would do to each other ! 
I rode my Superfly and it was awesome as always, likely as the event becomes more competitive and going under the 2hr mark becomes the objective (my time was 2:25ish)  cross bikes will be required to do well, along with some good running skills for a few of the steeper sections. 
So more importantly post race The Epic Ride and HBCC and OGC put out a bunch of awesome prizes along with some nice certificates for the top riders in each category. This was all taken in over a great BBQ and some nice Creemore adult beverages.