Episode 50 – BoneShaker Rocky Descents

Today another feature on the 2013 Nationals Course . The Infamous BoneShaker is nothing more then a technical descent with a couple corners and a fairly basic rock garden at the bottom.

The top 1/3 of the feature is the main concern most folks have (typically races are run around the top 1/3 and only the elite/junior expert race it)

Why this is such a scary feature is amazing to me. I have seen folks tackle this after a brief reminder on what going downhill with control means AND how their brakes work.

Butt back,  pedals level, use your brakes with finesse (avoid skidding)

You can control how fast you do it based on your risk tolerance but avoiding it, for most folks, is unneeded and you will end up missing a lot of really fun mountain biking if rocky steep(ish) descents are holding you back.
 *do be careful an practice the rule of thumbs before tackling the local rock drop please !!!*