Cornering MTB on Dirt Berms – ep104

Today a look at cornering on bermed corners.

*** ADDED NOTE ***
    Perhaps the most well dressed of the 6 viewers of commented on youtube that the level pedals may be confusing to some and perhaps feel awkward.

I always go with general rule of thumb that if we have a berm or we are going downhill we use level pedals if it is loose or off camber or flat (ie. road corners or many singletrack mtb corners) then we use outside foot down.

Level pedals in a Berm, especially smooth/high/tacky berms, allow for quick maneuvering of the bike around multiple corners and over whoops/bumps/jumps. The cost of switching becomes high once you are going fast around a pumptrack or park. 

These are obviously rule of thumbs with riders feeling more comfort in one position. In the video, the berms are not overly high and somewhat loose/bumpy so riders will move to outside foot down to gain a bit more traction.

 I have screen captured from the above video and you can see I have ‘ticked’ back a few degrees on my outside foot to move towards outside foot down but also keep pedals fairly level . Below is a shot of Danny Hart doing similar but 10x better. In both cases the key is that ‘we’ (me and my bro Danny) are on slightly loose and not overly high berms that don’t provide the unlimited traction of a smooth/bike park berm (past bikeskills video on bikepark berms).

*note if you do not know Danny Hart please watch this it will change cycling for you

 Every rider and situation will be different but what we want is to try the different techniques so you can start using and adapting to an optimal strategy for whatever situation you are in.

Thanks for the comment !