Um, actually we started ( the season is rolling ! )

Top of the world with Trek Friends from around the world
@karleegendron has a gift for finding snakes and beached seals … she prefers seals and pandas

Team Pedicures = good livin @karleegendron photo cred


Wow fast off season … so many good adventures but race season is starting and Cali time is dwindling.

Stoked to have super fast and fun housemates for next few weeks with @adammorka @emilybatty @taylornear @karleegendron
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Great times, a few photos of the adventures in Oxnard and racing in the 909

Also check out the mad skills on my fellow lover of all things bike skills … adam dj morka from bonelli uscup short track HERE

Mad style in the 909
*thanks to Jtaylor and
**@raphgagne photo cred

Bikes are super fun SUPERFLY WHAT!!!
*@karleegendron photo credit