I Pick up this little Sea Otter ( 17mile drive on a bike)

Race prep for 2013 Sea Otter going well. Nice course adjustments, great chats with people I haven’t seen and feeling pretty good. But in other news … 
I Finally got out and did 17 mile drive from Monteray California to Carmel Valley and back. Some tremendous real estate, views, nature and roads. Winds were a bit high but pretty variable due to the twisty road so never that bad.
 The route is actually a loop, which I did not know but quite enjoyed. 
Car and people watching
The Forested in-land sections of the route were actually my favorite
The route will definately be on my list of things to return to every year when I am in the area. ‘The List’ Now includes Toro Canyon Park MTB Trails (across the road from Sea Otter/Laguna Seca and also this new Coffee Shop called ”The Wild Goose” I checked out with Ms. Sin Yesterday in Carmel Valley