You’re Absolutely Positive they have a Pulse (Racing Sudbury Canada Cup 2013 Results Story Photos)

Sudbury Canada Cup 2013 

I had a very good day with fairly safe start with the exception of Watson and Myself demonstrating that the more experienced gents in the Elite Field can also do bike tricks as we did coordinated nose wheelies to somewhat avoid a crash. Watson’s ‘junk’ and knee took the brunt of the crash while I fought through the 20’s to eventually dual with Mr. Leandre Bouchard, ,who always provides a fun/challenging battle. I ended up 10th after running into Leandre going up a steep UP-hill on the last lap and then demonstrating my ability to run/mount while swearing. I then lost a race to the line with Ms. Sin.

 I also got to come through the epic battle for top Espoir lady as Karlee Gendron and Frederique ‘Frede‘ Trudel completed their battle with a thrilling sprint through the expo and to the line. Cayley got in her first Canada Cup of the Season in the top 5 Espoirs with some great battling, Mitch was in the fight ending up 6th Elite and Ole Man Barnes was just shy of his Win after a flat. Also cool to see was Soren Meeuwisse of Trek Store Team Fame taking top Female Spot and Male EB (Eric Batty) scoring his first Masters Win. OH and PETEYD for sprint finish win in Junior Ex Prostar class.  The course was well put together for XCO racing and flats were not as huge a deal this year.

 Special thanks to Trek Canada for support and trailer/tents/feeds/tech support and Trek Stores of B.A.T. for the support of our team and all the other teams and local races and Taylor for doing the grunt work . Also to Clif-Bar for great nutrition support. The Barnes for Sweet Potatoes/Candy/Bug Education . BNeezy for an awesome pre-race gift . Carter Meeuwisse for fighting me all weekend over girls and political/world Issues that I have no idea about but was interested to learn from him. And all the friends who cheered-jeered in the hot hot heat, which I have not mentioned till now.

Race Stories

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Best Restaurants in Sudbury
  = Old Rock Coffee 
  = Laughing Buddah 
  = My Thai 
  = Accommodation – Radisson was great with Grocery / Movie Theatre in same building , bike friendly