Rolling a Fatty (2013 Whistler Fat Tire Crit results, photos, video)

Crankworx 2013 kicked off with the fat tire crit. Not quite as extreme as the events typical of the 10 year old super festival but still pretty enjoyable for spectators. I really liked this event because it was on 800m of mostly interlock brick , a bit of gravel and a bit of road and could be held at a local school, or small town square very easily.  

I think I actually like this discipline despite it being a bit different then what I would be considered a contendor in. That said I rangled myself a callup with last year’s winner Carl Decker , last years runner up  Cody Canning , BC favorite Kris Sneddon, Kona’s Spencer Paxon and also Greg Day. It is so intense and tactical so I enjoy how it exposes/exaggerates the stuff I have never paid enough attention to.

=I had a good start in the top 7 and with a quick couple of passes I was into the top 5.
=Over the 20min I took the odd attack/flyer including a mid race 4-5 lap attack that actually made the lead group grow *super job* but otherwise sat in and tried to be smooth staying out of harm’s way.
= With about 6 laps to go there were still about 7 of us left in the race and as we went for 5 to go the lead was trading and everyone was antsy to position for the final sprint.
=3 to go there was a slowing going over the ‘showtime booter jump’ so I threw a bit of style and then sprinted into the lead . Then in my excitement trying to maximize the gravel corner ‘technical’ bit I laid it down and despite a quick recovery finished the race solo at back of the finishers ! Sad I didn’t get to finish but very good tactical practice and intensity that should help in the XCO race on Wednesday.

2013 Whistler Fat Tire Crit Results

 – story and short video by pink bike
  – fat bike joke with photos and video
  – Captured = fat tire crit

 = from bike mag

From Pink Bike of My ‘attack’

From @crankworx twitter me following Seb who is styling it out

from myself and Cody Canning (trek red truck )

Couple days left to tour some local trails then Canada Cup xco on Wednesday, then more trail fun !