Uh, I saw it on a bumper sticker. (Whistler Exploring Kill Me-Thrill Me etc)

Some things I saw on a nice little 4hr tour of Whistler Trails today. I was a bit grumpy leaving this morning for my ride but this adventure definitely turned the day around.  

 Bridges and rocks on ‘Kill me, thrill me’ trail


I took the ole Superfly Hardtail to some places it maybe shouldn’t have been but today makes me want to ride the whole Crankworx Enduro on it … maybe a bit of fork adjustment and beefier tires. Or maybe a 6 and 6 Slash would make more sense! The Enduro looked like an amazing day on the bike though (see descriptions here)  I rode stage 4 today which was great climb and Old Binty’s down.

Finished the day with those motivational speech from Ashton Kutcher (whose first name is Chris) “Opportunity looks a lot like Hard work”