It’s too hardcore (Canadian Marathon National Championships 2013 Results Photos )

 2013 Marathon Nationals Results (Wallace, Sneddon, Lamb, Dagne, Glassford )
 97 KM: Results (Live results on sportstats)
70 KM: Results (Live results on sportstats)
47 KM: Results (Live results on sportstats)
Night Challenge: Results (Live results on sportstats)

So I went to win (again but more motivated and experienced) but I was about same gap behind due to (in my estimation) less specific fitness/better competition. I did a better job on tactics and technical riding which is good to see (finally!).  I was 5th a bunch of minutes back from the new record of ~3:57 that Kona’s endurance hero duo of Cory Wallace and Kris Sneddon put forth with a very respectable racing style and tremendous efforts. They both raced without being ridiculous with ‘tactics’ and were enjoyable to talk/ride with.

chatting with fellow ‘experienced’ racer & good guy Kris Sneddon

The organization was great this year. Organizers and Commissionaires were on the same page and very pleasant and welcoming. Thanks for a great weekend. I really would love to see this grow at elite and ‘recreational’ level as the course is beautiful and a tremendous test of skill/fitness. (see event site and put on 2014 calendar)  .

Trek Canada and the Trek Store made sure I had no excuses and put me on a Superfly 100 dually . It is light , locks out for the road sectoins and soaks up (most) of the bumpy bits on the course. I found it to be quite good as the 4-6 guys in the lead group were on hard tails and I was able to be much more relaxed through any bumpy trails or loose climbs. (the engine was just under powered!)

The course was superb possibly a faster course with some grading/maintenance on the main climb but also some wet/boggy sections so I will go with an assumption that we are all fitter this year, we know the course and the level is being raised. (see Jamie Lamb 3rd place strava )

So sad with my result but objectively got what I prepared for (90min races with standing and minimal nutritional demands). It was a great day on the bike and, as always , some learning and info to add to my little book of race experience.