You’ve been a Ghost. (end of summer , provinicials and china)

What is up with you ? Things are good as Summer ended and my “4 months till 30” began in a haze of Fish, Scotch and Reading on Lake Superior.

**if MTV is reading I think “3 Months till 30” could be a killer show , similar to Bubba’s World but 10x better. Basically cramming as much irresponsible and awesome experiences into the last 3 months of my 3rd generation of good livin **

This weekend is my defense of the “Provincial National Champion of the World Title” at Horseshoe and then some downhilling and hill climbing in Collingwood before a big trip of short duration to China for the kickoff of the Cyclocross season for myself, some norco dudes , a Fluckinger and other adventurous folks .

In any case , Music is good and this is what I have been enjoying. Just watched the Great Gatsby, didn’t really pay attention to movie because I love the album so much that I was distracted watching how they integrated it into the movie.

Valerie June – Workin Woman Blues I have really been liking, such a great sound and mix of styles.


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