This damn competitive streak (2013 Ontario Provincial Championships of the World Horseshoe results photos video)

So Provincials happened. This year featured some very fast post worlds racers and also some racers who missed out on worlds and so got their motivation centered on the opportunity to unseat me as “The Ontario National Champion”.

Derek Zandstra, Cam Jette, Marc Antoine Nadon from 3 Rox posed a threat with young Nadon doing fabulously beating out Cam for 3rd in he end and Derek taking the win by a lot. Derek may have been using some sort of Beet derived NOS as his last 2 laps became 30-60sec faster then previous , while most folks struggled to hold onto some level of consistency.

My Arch Nemesis / Lover and temporary China trip Teammate, Andrew Watson, brought his A game showing the spunk and tenacity of a far younger man. This gives me hope for my ever approaching 30’s . I was happy they let Andrew race in Elite after some bribes to the registration ladies who were convinced he was too old for pro.

I ended up in 5th , which is becoming my standard finishing spot, after catching Dirk Peters of New Zealand late in the last lap. I don’t think i will count us watching each other ride by each other as a ride so he owes me a big Cwood Ride before he heads back home.

Ladies did well with Ms. Sin Jumping and hucking her way to 1st Haley Smith (3rd) gave me splits instead of talking about boobs when I caught her .  Heather Gray was 2nd and Cayley coming in 4th.
Please enjoy this video of myself and young Marc Antoine Nadon post race.  Results/links below


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Peter Kraiker also caught me at the perfect moment before i realized my madd air was sending me off trail (which i saved)