Her Name is Chastity ( The Trek Crockett )

 Picked up my new friend for the fall – The Trek Crockett – Or as I call her … Chastity 
(*indeed that is a Wedding Crasher’s Reference*) 
Thanks to Trekcanada and trekstoretoronto for setting me up for this fall adventure

Doing lots of testing this week to be ready for a big Chinese Kickoff to cross Season on the 20th
Did a bit of on Camera time that I can share info about soon.
Nothing big just a bit more polished then my usual 1 shot performance art 

Fall Schedule is looking fun and ambitious (Rough)
Sept 14/15 – Super D Provincials / Downhill Provincials
Sept 20 – China UCI Cyclocross
Sept 28 – Glouster day 1 and 2
Oct 5 – Enduro Apple Pie at Blue Mtn
Oct 12 – Turkey Cross/Durham Cross
October 17 – Toronto Cross
October 26 – London/Barrie Cross ( may be off week)
Nov 1/2 – Albion and Provincials Albion
11/9 – Louisville? or Hardwood
Nov 23/24 – NYC Super Cross or Ottawa
Nov 30th Cyclocross Nationals
December – BC MTB Training (pending)