Even the toilets when you flush them ( China Cyclocross 2013 )

Big way to start this Cyclocross campaign for 2014 .

I was fortunate enough to go to China to race skinny tires on bumpy courses and periodically jump off and run up stairs. It was a great trip , with a ‘business trip’ vibe but lots of fun with some solid folks from around the world.

I posted from my phone while in China but it seems it was interecepted along with every major social network so I went jay-z and , “f*cked hashtags and retweets” for a week whilst sleeping lots and talking to people … it was great.

Race went well with a nearly back of pack call up moving towards low 20s and rolled my tubular with raw power on the climb section (my favorite section). Rolled it back on and flowed back to the pit. 3 man pit change went well while i drank 2 full bottles of water (it was hot) and then proceeded to pass a bunch of guys including the Eliminator world champion. Ended up 33rd.

Results for 2013 China Cylocross :

FF# my trip companions on twitter = Conor Obrein –Nick Vipond – Jeremy MartinEvan Mcneely 

 This is the closest I could get to watson all trip #bff
*Do check out watson’s blog on the trip
 ya , I do that Chinese Lady finding Canadian tourist look so good
Check out that anterior pelvic tilt (hairdressor butt) 
 Count it,  strava,

 Squatting Toilets. legit albeit dirty 
 Chastity (the Crockett) being cleaned by Tayneezy

Pre-race training w. JP and Conor and Mcneely (not pictured)

Then party, wine shots with race org and into bed for 10pm , Up early for Beijing didn’t happen but we got to see a  gorge that was sweet instead . Then on flight day we did a big ride up a mountain, strava, and flew back home in time for dinner rich in sweet potatoes, beef and coconut before sleeping.

no Beijing but Havi and I did escape on back of motorcycle flatbed

You can see more photos on facebook such as this album (if you are my friend that is)

Gorge was sweet

 Squash hanging. I could have paid 30RNB to not see this, i am happy i saw it

You can see more photos on facebook such as this album (if you are my friend that is)