Hell of a Season (2013 MTB End of Season Review)

Well Cross season is underway with a pretty seamless transition from MTB. So before we get to far into fall I wanted to do a quick summary of where I got to this year and thank those that were part of it. These are always my favorite posts that I actually sort of don’t look forward to. I am always happy to review the season, albeit somewhat self-indulgently, but at the same time I can’t help but think about times past, chances missed and people we have lost.

With that juxtaposed cheer and gloom here are just a few of the special moments captured from my 2013 MTB season :

Developed an Amazon and Flatbrim addiction
and stopped wearing shirts and socks
Karlee Gendron and Raph Gagne helped save a Seal
Raph Gagne and I had 2 weeks of pretty solid rides and french lessons .
Tayneezy and I went in the Ocean weekly for 3 months.
Despite being injured the positive was I got to practice Kinesio Taping on myself
 …Eventually I got over it.(and still not wearing shirts)
 Continued to push the limits of  Equipment. Still no official Product Testing Job.
 I really do like Mani / Pedi Days … the simple things ya natta I Mean ?
 Way too much $1.99 Wine and $5 ‘meals’
 Rode some awesome trails with a long time friend. 
Some pretty high end conversation while training. 
Hugs on start lines make for good races
 So lucky to have new friends in so many countries 
Some pretty awesome times on and off bike.
Psyched to have been Back at the Heart and Stroke with Kurt Harnett and friends.
 The ‘neezy’s’ … I can’t find words for how much these 2 do for me
Thank you.
 What a group. So many laughs and tears this year. 
Keep smiling and going fast.
 Young Barnes and I are talking instead of listening at Hardwood Rippers Camp
Cayley and the young ladies made me blush with ‘boobs to the tubes’ climbing analogy
(which I disagree with … watch for debunking Bike SKills Project very soon)
 This photo from Sudbury captures so many emotions in one photo. 
 Turn Down at DH provincials
Kudos to everyone who beat me
(yes everyone beat me)
 2 ladies that brought me so many emotions this year
thanks for letting me be a part of the ride and teaching me so much.
– I also had best Nationals of my life at 5th , I attribute this to inclusion of huge logs –
Windham with Mitch , Noble 
and Something interesting on Mitch’s handlebar

Skipped St. Anne World Cup to try and win fame/money 
and have good times in Whistler
The Latter was certainly achieved.
The former is debatable but Crankworx was really cool event to be part of.