in New York.But that’s not the only thing they have in common ( Ellison Park Cyclocross 2013 )

While down in the USA a video about 5 tips to get started in cross that I did with Canadian Cycling Magazine and Trek Toronto came out, you can check it out here

 Another big UCI weekend in Rochester for the Ellison Park Cx .

I was very lucky to get some host housing with some new friends and ride some local trails on cross bikes. The Norco boys (Kevin “2Dolla” Haviland , Evan “worm in my face” McSneeky, “Andre Watson“, Conor “we had a moment again” O’brien, and Andrew ‘i got moto-passed by peter’ Lesperance   were down for the weekend of racing as well. With the norco boys and Cyclocross sensations Raph Gagne and Mike Garrigan   there was a lot of Canadian fire-power and madd-skillz going down in Amurica this weekend.

(here is a video of the main group with awesome cheering for ‘Raph-I-el baby’)

I ended up 20th and 17th for Saturday and Sunday respectively, which I am happy with given my start tactics/abilities. Also I busted some nice airs Saturday and tremendous log hops (IMHO) .  Barrier hopping Saturday was no problem, Sunday I opted to run as it seemed easier/as fast but kudos to those that did it in the race as it was a pretty technical trick, especially while doin’ work !

Ellison Park Course Preview by Cyclocross Magazine
  = also the Behind the Barriers preview for Ellison Park 

Day 1 Ellison Park/Full Moon Vista Results 2013 (top 3 only at moment) 
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Day 2 results(canadian Complete results  

Interviews and live stream of the Full Moon Vista – Ellison Park Cyclocross 2013