I Think this One is Pretty Good ( NEPCX Cycle-Smart 2013 )

Weekend of racing in East Hampton for the Cylesmart UCI Cyclocross Weekend
Solid weekend. Lots of Canadians up front and I rolled in the 20’s both days (23/28th) coming from a good start on day 1 and holding and moving from pretty far back on day 2. Fun times. 

Canandian Cyclist Results

Here is a runup shot of me from Day 1, with my 
new Bro Jake Wells from the No-Tubes Team trying
to get around my road block . (NoTubes Kenny PhotoCred)

Live streaming for the race http://t.co/1FAyT1fBbx
— Cycle-Smart Intl. CX (@CycleSmartCX) November 1, 2013