The First Quarter of the Big Game ( Bonelli 2014 USCUP Results and Recap)

Race Results

Short Track – LINK

For this first XC of 2014 my focus was the starts. It went great for 2 corners, didn’t loose spots, moved up BUT then I was taken out from the right and the front! I Hit the pavement and broke a derailleur hanger. I was able to get it fixed with help from Scott-3Rox friend and fellow 1984 baby, Scott Kelly. I got rolling and caught a bunch of guys. With 3 or 4 laps down some very confused officials felt I was lapped by all the guys at the back of the pack somehow. They let all the guys I had caught continue and pulled me out of the race. Really a bummer and makes it tough to motivate such persistence and to communicate that we, even in ‘new style’ XCO racing,  can over-come adversity and salvage a DNF with a reasonable result.
So after some choice words, I gathered my beautiful feeder lady and all the parts and bags in the feedzone. Regrouped. Got my enduro getup on and put the xc behind me as I prepared for the Super D (Super Downhill), which actually has 3-4 very hard 30-40 sec full gas uphill efforts blended with on the limit technical skills. I was pleased that my focus this winter on shorter efforts and technical riding seems to have gotten me closer to the ‘millions’ .
Super D was a decent success with some improvement on the king of bonelli super D Raph Gagne . 
Threw out some style in the Super D . Molly was able to snap at the right moment to make this look snazzy .
Sunday was the Short Track . Due to my favorite officials’ choice to pull me and the super-duper ‘HC’ timing system (lap times? order of pulling ? )  my start for short track was at the back. Starting at the back is always a great challenge to stay motivated and work on having a great start and pack riding.  I navigated ‘my’ corner successfully and then jumped groups for the inital 15min of the 20+2 laps. I found my way up further then I had been in the past. I was able to sit in for a few laps as I approached the finish with some of the Kona guys. They are all such great racers so holding on and being their for the sprint was a great success for me. I ended up 21st, ahead of many guys I have historically lost in the Short track intensity .
So on the whole a good test this weekend. A few different rolls of the dice , better choices and a bunch of hard work should result in some fun times ahead. 

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