Couple Neat Garmin Tips and Setup

Sources for today's Post:

1) Setting up your data screens ( big thing is using 'lap averages' for intervals and tests) 

Page 1: Ride
Power – 3s Avg., Cadence, Time, Distance/Speed

Page 2: Intervals
Power – 3s Avg., Power – Lap, Time – Lap, Laps

Page 3: Totals
Time, Distance, Power – Avg., Normalized Power, Cadence – Avg., Total Ascent, Power – kJ, Training Stress Score

Pages 4-5 can be used for ascent and descent, grade, time of day and, on some models, sunset. No one wants to be caught in the dark without lights.

2) If you don't like the auto-pause function try turning on 'start notice'  to repeat every 15-60sec this helps reduce changes of riding with device paused 

 settings-bike settings – start notice

3) Calibrate your device at least once a ride (ie. at the beginning) 
 = this is important , even on the trainer . See your device guide or email me for help !