2014 Crank the Shield Training Newsletter

Since the first year of Crank we have produced a training plan to help participants get ready for the event. These plans are generally 1 mailing a week starting in May and running through the event in September. Because these mailings are more about discussing preparation and efficiency there is benefit whether you have your own training plan or not. 

The feedback I have gotten from past years has always been that the training suggestions were great but the real benefit was in the ongoing reminders and discussion of preparation and all the ‘other stuff’ that goes into FINISHING a big event like Crank The Shield.

We do more then look at intervals and huge rides to get ready. These discussions are much more about the little things we need to do to succeed. These are the same ideas I talk about with Smart Athletes racing in events like Leadville 100. The reality is that for most of us family, work and social life come before training. Once we have our weekly training allowance we all can further benefit from preparation, planning and efficiency. There are so many areas beyond training that we can enhance and prepare to make the event “JUST ABOUT PEDALIN”.  

Sample Concepts 
1) Using Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike Ontario Cup on  June 8 as a chance to test/build our fitness, preride a bunch of the trails in Crank and have fun up north  http://www.superflyracing.com/race-series/ontario-cup/ontario-cup-3/

2) We will spend time learning Mechanical Skill so our bikes run smoothly and are less likely to break down. We will also look at opportunities for Onsite Bike Service to enhance recovery and bike performance. 

3) Refining Gear Bag Organization – Packing your clothes for each day before the event in their own little bag. Way less thought and more time for post ride socializing (recovery!) .

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