From The Playbook, Here She Comes

So back at home in the North after Fontana. Getting organized and focused for Sea Otter. Fontana came and went. It was fast . The Replay can be found HERE

With all this travel and focused training/recovery I just finished another Nirvana Book , “Come As You Are, The Story of Nirvana” by Michael Azerrad . Was a good narrative and seemed more complete then some of the other stories I have read. My favorite part about reading these bios are that they expose new songs / rare recordings and also some background to better appreciate a song or lyric.

This is one song I discovered. A cover of a Leadbelly Song “Ain’t it a Shame. Which wasn’t released till years later on the “With the Lights Out Album/box set”

Other books of similar effect (appreciating and finding out new music) that I have read recently :