We’re not dirty, (Tremblant Results, stories, photos 2014)

16th with a whip and about zero mud skills. Awesome tumbling skill though, Gymnastics training is helping . Really fun first weekend with team, really fun group this year and can’t wait to spend some more time with this crew. Thanks to our new mechanic Zach for keeping my Trek Store Superfly Race bike shining and running perfect throughout the weekend of mud riding. 
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More Photos

Karlee found this mud photo. It was her first ‘real’ mud race and she was right in there ! 
Soren scored third in the Junior women and had a blast riding with Team Ontario this week

@mollyjhurford I got @peterglassford to take a selfie #Tremblant pic.twitter.com/ZfxvbBOW05
— Karlee Gendron (@Karlee_Gendron) May 18, 2014