We rocked them all ( Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 1 – 15 mile TT)

Stage 1 – Bald Eagle TT

    Also see the TSE Facebook page for updates / photos / results  LINK

TT 15miles, 1600 ft climbing , Feed at 15miles start/finish

Transylvania Epic stage 1
– TT stage 15 miles . Rocky with a few road sections to utilize my TT skin suit and hardtail .
– flats foiled a big result … Well that and lack of easy coast rocks skills
– 9 min back and ~15th … Long week so see what I can climb back

Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic Video stage 1 
  1. Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air/Cannondale) rides toward a win in the stage 1 time trial at the Trans-Sylvania Epic.
    CYCLING NEWS Stage 1: Bald Eagle PrologueSunday, May 25 2014

Our Campsite for the week at cup scout camp. Nice having same spot each week and the scouts have it figured out with the tent in side a tent raised off the ground .

Gear for the trip, well not all of it but most of the riding stuff. I tried to focus on getting everything into bags (e.g. arm warmers in a bag, vest/jackets in a bag, short in a bag etc.) so I don’t have to think each morning.
  => key things I think I will need are moist wipes (for remote stages to keep ‘things’ clean)
  => detergent to do laundry to ensure enough clothes and prevent bad smells/bad stains (white!!!)
 => spare wheels … the rocky nature of this event is going to challeng my smooth hardtail riding for sure.