Make some bad decisions (Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 3 – Enduro 2014 )

Stage 3 – Enduro

Fun day on the bike and a bit of recovery save the 5 full gas , mostly downhill efforts . Kept the Ex 8 upright with a couple small dabs and 1 missed turn . That full gas DH is so crazy ! Cool to see how much I can still improve .

Great write up from Sarah Kauffman!
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CYCLING NEWS Stage 3: Galbraith Gap EnduroTuesday, May 27 2014

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Trek Fuel Ex was my bike today . Much smoother and less tiring to my body for sure. Should be good mid week break with tomorrow being largely on gravel road .

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Staging for instructions on how to Enduro . Baggy shorts were mandatory so sanctions handed out as well.

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group meeting

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rain is on the way tonight … scout camp setup is bomb proof … maybe not wind proof but i think we are better then the rustic cabin we have been working out of and making lunch in. Today’s afternoon rain was coming through the roof ! electronic disaster narrowly averted.