Cycling Power Testing & Guided Training – Learn Your Limiters, Maximize Your Training


Smart Athlete is using POWER, Muscle Oxygenation (SMO2) and HR in testing along with a unique protocol that helps isolate how the athlete produces and uses oxygen to make performance. Non-invasive, real-time and local to the working muscles are key benefits of SMO2 assessment. Smart Athlete also offers coach feedback on all tests and training sessions. We add qualitative and quantitative measures that are missing in many other indoor-cycling environments. There is more to your riding then pedaling. Come in and find out where you can improve.  Functional Threshold Testing is also possible. 

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What Do I Get from Power Testing and Guided Training Sessions? 
  a) Feedback on where their fitness is and if last block has improved testing & if closer to your specific goal
  b) Zones and/or idea of how to train day to day when not at the gym.
  c) Direction – focus for training for next block (weeks-months)
  d) identify weakness / strengths using cutting edge Muscle Oxygenation in tandem with traditional measures
  e) objective Coach feedback on bikefit/form/breathing/performance
  f) Personalized workouts using Muscle Oxygenation. Recovery periods specific to you and your current fitness/limiters.


Guided Training is the cyclists’s version of personal training. Be confident in your training and learn how to maximize your time at home. 
  a) incorporate specific workouts for your goals and current fitness
  b) option to include Video and Muscle Oxygenation to further enhance your experience
  c) semi-private and group training coming soon!
Price -> Tests from $100 and One-On-One Sessions from $40.00


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