2015 MTB-XCO Nationals St. Felicien quebec Quebec – Photos, Video, Links, Stories


bike wash


Hans Clarke Photo – I am hoggin bike wash and some people are spraying in instead of out

Well after a break from racing to coach I got back into my athlete chamois and put in some time on course thursday/friday aiming for >800m a day and just having fun on the course and trying to recover mentally and physically to be focused on a solid 90min effort Saturday. Seemed to work and the whips were relatively coordinated. Thanks to those that cheered in the rain and those who caught some photos. As always to Trek Store Toronto for bike/gear/life support and to Zach Tatem and his mobile ‘Bicycle Repair Co’ who wrenched for Trek Canada for Nationals. Also thanks to Molly for putting up with my athlete-ness and making ‘wheee!!!’ sounds when I do whips (see video) .

whip - photo by mitch

Mitch Bailey Photo – Whip # 3 of 7 on the day approximately 


Canadian Cyclist Nationals XC 2015  and PedalMAG

Canadian Cycling Magazine Story 



Hans Clarke Photo – A flick is coming 


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Hannah Clarke Facebook Alblum -> nationals 2015 xco felicienhttps://www.facebook.com/hannah.clarke.5458/media_set?set=a.10205064296222246.1073741854.1088392303&type=3




peter hammer relay  0 hans clarke

Hans Clarke Photo from Relay – Lu, Lu Shorts + Hammer Moto Jersey + Ontario Vest got a wee bit hot . 


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