Welcome to Smart Athlete Coaching – I am Peter Glassford, a Registered Kinesiologist in Ontario Canada who travels to different areas for races, skills-clinics and talks with athletes just like you.

Corn Head Shot

I love talking to athletes and finding solutions to the problems they face in their everyday experience … we aren’t all Pro-Riders so we need to be creative with our training time and the resources we have.

I am a Certified Cycling Coach who has worked with many athletes to improve their wellness, their movement skill and their performance. These clients have had the same questions as you!

Are you doing the right training? 

Are carbs bad?

What is the best type of tire?

Single ring or double ring? 

What are my heart-rate zones and why am I so tired ? 

No need to waste energy on those questions – let’s talk it over!

Stop wondering about your training and put that energy into your training!clinic virginia by Donna wolf 2016

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