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I am excited to work with you as we pursue your goals and your best health and fitness.


I like to help clients get up to speed on key terminology, zones/testing, how to fit training into life before we get into heavy training. So, you will get these emails over the next few days to help you digest the information slowly and avoid getting overwhelmed! And if you are even close to being overwhelmed, please give me a call at 908-343-1081 or email peterglassford@gmail.com and we can make sure that the training is matching your lifestyle.

Thanks for being a part of Smart Athlete
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If you have more time, grab a coffee and sit down with me for this quick (5min) video on Common Questions clients ask:

If you’re still wondering about something, I have even more Frequently Asked Questions in convenient slideshow:

The biggest thing to remember is to have fun: Just because you are training and have your own goals doesn’t mean you have to give up every social ride or tasty treat!

Let’s get going!