Copy of CFS Weeks 8 – 16cycle-for-sight

Congratulations on taking on Cycle for Sight. June 24th will be a fantastic day on some of the best roads in the province, if not the world! You will also get to enjoy local vendors, such as Creemore Springs.


I am a Cycling Coach and Registered Kinesiologist based in Collingwood, Ontario (learn more about me). I coach busy people who want to do amazing things, usually on bikes. We work on their fitness by fitting training into busy work, family, life schedules. To get them to the finish line we also address things like bike-skills, nutrition and planning to ensure their big day on the bike is a matter of JUST PEDALING!

For this year’s ride I have put together a training plan (first 8 weeks here) and a series of videos that will be released as the Training Plan progresses to help you get ready for the ride.

Bookmark this page so you can check back during each recovery week for a new video to help you learn to ride in a group, prepare your bike for the ride, master essential skills and fuel for the big day.

If you have any questions feel free to use the Smart Athlete Facebook Page or contact me via the contact page on this website. I will also post the answers to the questions I get on the Smart Athlete Facebook page.

Get the first 8 weeks of the training plan in PDF here

Copy of CFS Weeks 8 – 16


Video # 1 – Release Date Feb. 20, 2017

Video #2 – Release Date March 12, 2017

*see flat change videos:

Video #3 – Release Date April 2, 2017

Video #4 – Cornering – Release Date May 17, 2017