Bike Skills

Bike Skill is the key to success in all cycling disciplines. Like any sport getting feedback will ensure you learn the fundamentals and then progress those fundamentals to more advanced contexts.

All athletes can benefit from skill coaching and Smart Athlete has been providing skill sessions to individuals and groups, beginners and elites for over 10 years.

Producing video content to help you make progress in your skills at home via youtube see the bike skills project for free video content (please subscribe if you like it!)

Too many riders spend all their time pedaling and forget the importance of steering around trees, staying on our bike, avoiding crashes, jumping curbs/pot-holes, standing efficiently, cornering confidently and drafting like a pro. Why spend hours on a trainer getting ‘fit’ when you could have fun and gain just as much, if not more, time in your next event !

Sessions are always tailored to your goals, abilities and comfort level. Most sessions are 60-90min and range in price between $40 and $100.

5 Session Types to Help You Progress

siobhan tucson (4)Private Sessions

These are the fastest way to make progress and find out the best skills and drills for you to work on to make progress. 4 session packs are a great way to commit to regular coaching feedback to establish a base of understanding for you to take to your own practice and future group-sessions. Discounts with 4 pack and coaching clients.

$100 / Session – Buy and/or Book Now

learning to stand photo peter coaching

Semi-Private and Group Sessions

These sessions are a great way to get out on trail with a friend or family member and learn from each other. It works best if the group has similar riding ability and skill but wider abilities can be accommodated since we use so many drills and repeated trails for repeated practice. Discounts with 3-pack and 6 pack and for coaching clients.

$40 per session – Buy and/or Book Now

lap dogs clinic 2Club and Large group Sessions

These sessions are a super way to ensure your group or club has the requisite riding skills to have fun, stay together and stay safe on the trail all year. Rather then loosing riders to injury and de-motivation due to getting dropped or having to work too hard the 3-session club program will have the group laughing together and planning out their next group ride. Discounts with 3 pack, 6 pack or with club supported pass

$40 per session – Email to setup for your club or group ( peterglassford AT

joyride woman's weekend (1)Family Sessions

Get the family out for a guided ride with some skill development. You pick the location and sit back as your family is guided around great trails matched to the ability of each family member. Seeing a parent and their child riding together after a few sessions of skill development is an amazing experience that I would love to share with you.

Price varies – typically $40 / adult

Photo Feb 19, 1 59 02 PM

Guided Training and Navigation/Tours

These sessions are a great option to get feedback and maximize your training. Often route choice is a limitation to developing more skills in different contexts. Learning how to choose routes and even learning new routes is a great way to spend time with a coach and with the advent of strava/gps I find myself reteaching this lost art often!

These sessions let you train with a coach, focusing on your effort rather then the perfect route while getting feedback about your preparation, in-ride tactics, technical skill and pacing/nutrition. This may be event specific, within a training block or simply to learn a new area to ride.

Book your tour via email / price varies depending on duration, participants & location

Book Your Session Now via Front Desk


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