Testing & Consults

Testing and Consults provide a chance for you to interact with a coach and find out the best way for you to design your training. Whatever questions you have about your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle can be addressed via a consultation with a Registered Kinesiologist, NCCP/OMBI Cycling and Precision Nutrition Certified Coach .


Consults are in person or via phone/skype/face-time.


Check in on a training plan you are following, get a second opinion, over-come a plateau, learn how to tackle a certain element of an upcoming race or training challenge (e.g. altitude tips, strength training, injury recovery) .

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Find out what is limiting your cycling performance. Testing with Smart Athlete is more then just wattage and heart rate.

Move beyond lactate and suffer fests. The performance test helps you understand where your performance is limited. You will learn your threshold and zones like other tests but also gain perspective on how your body is producing energy and how you can improve your performance by training your limiter. This test uses your own personal bike so suggestions on bike-fit and position are included in the test as well as the physiological data and training recommendations. In 60-90 minutes you will come away with practical suggestions and new motivation for your training and fitness.

testing 2016
You will Get:
-> 60-90 min of one on one time with Registered Kinesiologist and Level 3 Cycling Coach
-> Zones (HR and Wattage and RPE)
-> Recommended training direction, including intervals
-> basic assessment of positioning and coordination onbike
-> New understanding of your performance and how to improve as a cyclistAll for only $100 per test.

peterglassford@gmail.com to inquire or purchase your test now


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